Frozen Khadi 1 litre (Vegetarian)

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The key component of the world famous Gujarati Dish, Khadi Kitchari. It's'a regular Tuesday menu dish at Exotic Food Caterers, but so in-demand across the country, we had to include it on our lunch/dinner line-up, for those unable to reach the store.

Made with lentils and yoghurt (or Maas), Khadi is often enjoyed with a slightly sour undertone. It may seem strange to the unknowing, but believe us when we says, its heaven on a plate. Its the reason why its become a culture amongst a particular segment of the population.

Khadi freezes exceptionally well, without compromising quality, flavour or texture.  All that's left to do is make your Kitchari (which is the easy part, trust us!).

Heating Instructions:

1. Defrost Khadi (Best defrosted naturally or in the fridge)

2. Decant contents into a pot on the stove. Product should be thick (this is natural)

3. Bring to heat while adding boiling water slowly to loosen, until desired consistency is achieved (Be careful not to add too much water).

4. Keep stirring until hot throughout. Serve immediately.

5. Left over contents should refrigerated and consumed within 3-4 days. Follow steps above from step 2 to reheat.