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It's all child's play when you take an age old product and sell it. We have taken the liberty of using the idea of an old age product, perked it up with the freshest ingredients from local South African farmers, eliminated the nasty stuff and present to you wholesome tasty convenience at a very affordable price.

Feel free to indulge your senses right here with our range of products. That's great convenient food along with simple convenient shopping.

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I am super impressed at how easy your website is to shop on. I buy savouries regularly because my family loves them. Now they refuse to eat any other brand. The quality and taste of your savouries is unrivaled. Truely the best.

Razia Khan

My husband and I work full time and have 2 kids. Often we are coming home late from work and scrambling to get dinner together or opting for unhealthy takeout because we're so tired. The Home Cooked Range of frozen meals has become a Godsend in our family. I simply take it out in the morning to defrost when I leave for work and have an authentic and delicious Home Cooked meal waiting for us when we get back. Its so easy, the kids can do it instead of waiting for us to get home.

Henelie Strydom

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You've won my heart over Savoury Boutique. 

Alex Shortridge