About Us

Our story begins in a 90 square meter apartment, married for two years with a three month old baby girl. 

We worked in jobs that sounded fancy but was, in reality, draining. Late nights, T.V. dinners from various fast food outlets, little to no family time and regular trips to the GP for poor health. Things had to change.

Although we loved good home cooked food, we found it difficult to prepare meals whilst juggling our busy lives. We couldn't fill the boots of our car enough with mum's food to last us until the next trip back home.

Why was it such a challenge to find home cooked ready made meals that we could store in our freezers at home and reheat whenever we felt like eating in? Why was it such a challenge to find home cooked meals that did not cost the proverbial 'arm and a leg?'

So we began exploring our passion, and heritage (our parents operate successfully in the catering industry), which was to bring to the South African market, great tasting food at an affordable price. Convenience is not just how easy food is to prepare but also about how easy it is to acquire. Hence our online store was born.

A company that started in a warehouse two years ago with a handful of clients has now developed into a manufacturer that distributes easy to prepare ready made meals, packaged, frozen and delivered to various homes, delis, supermarkets and takeaways. 

Our customers have come to know our brand for amazing quality, flavour and packaging, which keeps them coming back again and again. Our food is great for quick dinners, packed lunches at work or school as well as showing off to the occasional guest or two. 

Recently, Our affiliated company Exotic Food Caterers decided to close its doors after struggling with turbulent market conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a tribute to our family legacy, we decided to continue with their recipes and model for providing daily home-cooked meals and catering services as part of our full range of food services. Leveraging the brand's good will built up over 27 years, we have rebranded ourself to Exotic Food & Savoury Boutique, continuing and keeping alive the Exotic legacy.

Exotic Food & Savoury Boutique  is here to save you time through the convenience of our products and service, while being affordable and accessible to many.