Haka Chicken Springrolls (12 Pack)

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Chicken fillet with veggies in a delish creamy sauce wrapped in a pastry cigar. Everybody has their own take on a springroll. This is ours.

Preparation Method:

Springrolls are by nature very delicate so please follow preparation method carefully.

1. Bring oil to medium heat (not too hot otherwise you risk scorching the product on the outside, with the inside still frozen. You'de rather start frying in colder oil and gradually bring the heat the heat up.

2. From frozen, add samoosas to oil. Be cautious here as the oil may splash back given the temperature difference between the oil and samoosa.

3. Make sure springrolls are fully submerged in oil to ensure even cooking.

4. Allow to fry until springrolls are golden brown and crisp. Never leave unattended

5. Drain springrolls on a kitchen towel to absorb excess oil.

6. Serve immediately

7. Left over springrolls will soften and can be reheated using an oven. Leave in oven until crisp again. Keep checking, never leave them unattended.

8. You may air fry Springrolls and even oven bake for a healthier option.